Thursday, November 04, 2010

I feel sick

My friends with children often joke about how they eat their kids' Halloween candy or sneak licks of their ice cream cones.  They call it joking but I view it as bragging, especially since I always struggle to narrow down my ice cream selections to just two flavors.  Of course, triple scoops exist here but I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to order as many French people consider drinking a third glass of wine as unladylike behavior.  One of my lucky girlfriends has three boys all under the age of four, which means they're still young enough for her to order for them (i.e., select the flavors she wants) and she simply looks like an attentive mother as she eats junks of dried cookie dough off their little cheeks.  Needless to say, I'm jealous. 

This past weekend, Fred and I played parents to his thirteen year old second cousin.  At the restaurant, I tried to steer her towards a hamburger.  I was excited by the idea that I might get to help her with her leftover french fries.  But to my dismay and disgust, she ordered rognons de veau (veal kidneys).  She might be the only person I know who eats them by choice.  The only other person I've ever heard of eating them did so on accident because he forgot his dictionary while traveling in Montpellier and he still gags when speaking of the incident.  To put things in perspective, he considers pigs' feet a delicacy so his repugnant food threshold is pretty high. 

In the end, my experiment completely backfired.  Not only was I unable to eat her food, but I could barely finish mine.
Bobbing for internal organs!
So disgusting even the camera was weeping.
It refused to focus.



Andi said...

Ha-ha my hubby LOVES rognon, he craves it and talks about it non-stop when it gets close to our trips to France. I'll eat a bit of his, but I never can do more than a bite because then I think about what it is! Love the sneaky and delicious manipulation!

Amy75 said...

Andi, It's decided our couples dinner will be in SF. I'm afraid if we do it in Paris your hubby might order rognons :) I really should give them a try. I just can't. When it comes to seafood I'm all game, but re meat, I'm pretty boring.

Anonymous said...

I think that my 86 year old grandfather-in-law eats this. But you know...his hips, ears and taste buds are shot. - phillippa

Amy75 said...

Phil, Haha! I get it, feeding poor grandpa the innards while the rest of the family feasts on the good parts :)

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...


Only in France, eh? That story is just plain sad. :(

But thank you for sharing your french fries with me last night. I love food-sharing/eating kid leftovers! :D

Kalee said...

Hmm, I would try the rognon. But seriously, you're only perpetuating the theory that French children have a more diversified appetite than American children do! :)

Amy75 said...

Karin, I'll share my fries and wine with you anytime! Looking forward to our next meet-up.

Kalee, so true. I was so surprised the first time I saw a little kid eat steak tartare, and request more salad. I think it's great little French kids are so adventurous. Had I been exposed to more when I was little, maybe I wouldn't be such a wimp now :)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! You gotta love them teenagers!

I too have issues with certain delicacies. To this day I have not tried calamari. No matter how many times people try to describe the tasty squid, I just can't get over the fact that it's a squid! You eat the kidneys, I eat the

Amy75 said...

GiP, No deal! Calamari is delicious. Start with the fried stuff with lots of lemon or marinara sauce. Yum! I think a better deal would be if you had to eat some goat road kill :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! win! No deal!
I'll let you know when I break down and try calamari ; )