Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dreams of Advil meth lab thwarted!

We recently finished our 500 tablet bottle of ibuprofen that our friends smuggled in from the U.S. last year so I went to the pharmacy to pick up more. Yes, the pharmacy – the actual pharmacy where pharmacists stand behind a counter in white coats and drugs are kept behind a counter. I requested the largest box permissible: 30 tablets. I then listened as the pharmacist gave me instructions on use (6 per day max, 2 at a time with water, preferably with a meal). In the U.S. people will file lawsuits if you don't warn them that coffee is hot so I get why it could be necessary there, but even we’re trusted to purchase and use Advil at will. Fortunately, France doesn't have the frivolous lawsuit problem so I'm not sure why such measures are necessary here. It does explain, however, why there is a pharmacy on nearly every corner.