Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome to the IRS Watch List

TurboTax is officially dead to me. Last week I received a letter from the IRS. The type of letter you hope you never get, especially a few months after tax day. I was informed I owed an additional $400 as I am ineligible for the Making Work Pay Tax Credit - a credit I never even knew existed until TurboTax told me I was eligible for it. The letter prompted a quick Google search, which confirmed that nonresidents do not qualify for the credit. You would think that having a foreign address and completing the Foreign Earned Income schedule would have served as good indicators that the credit did not apply to me. If the Glee kids can tell I live in France and are savvy enough to enforce international licensing laws thereby preventing me from watching full episodes for free on their website, you'd think that Intuit, a publicly traded software company with a program specifically designed to do taxes would be able to figure it out - it's certainly obvious to them that I live abroad when I try to enter my foreign billing address.  Honestly, if I wanted to make a stupid mistake on my taxes, I would have done them myself. And it’s not worth calling to complain as I’m already up to speed on the Sandra Bullock divorce/custody battle saga.


Misty said...

I just happened on your blog by clicking "NEXT BLOG" at the top of the screen. Don't those companies usually have some kind of guarantee on their accuracy? It might be worth checking into. I don't know about going as far as suing, but they should at least cover your losses.

Amy75 said...

Hi Misty, Thanks for your comment! I think they do have some type of guarantee. I should look into it. I'm basically so frustrated with them at this point, I can't stand the thought of having to communicate with them further. That and I'm lazy :)

Kalee said...

I have read your blog on and off for the last couple of years (I started while living in England) and wanted to tell you that if you ever need recommendations for how to find shows online, I became queen of it while living overseas.