Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome to the IRS Watch List

TurboTax is officially dead to me. Last week I received a letter from the IRS. The type of letter you hope you never get, especially a few months after tax day. I was informed I owed an additional $400 as I am ineligible for the Making Work Pay Tax Credit - a credit I never even knew existed until TurboTax told me I was eligible for it. The letter prompted a quick Google search, which confirmed that nonresidents do not qualify for the credit. You would think that having a foreign address and completing the Foreign Earned Income schedule would have served as good indicators that the credit did not apply to me. If the Glee kids can tell I live in France and are savvy enough to enforce international licensing laws thereby preventing me from watching full episodes for free on their website, you'd think that Intuit, a publicly traded software company with a program specifically designed to do taxes would be able to figure it out - it's certainly obvious to them that I live abroad when I try to enter my foreign billing address.  Honestly, if I wanted to make a stupid mistake on my taxes, I would have done them myself. And it’s not worth calling to complain as I’m already up to speed on the Sandra Bullock divorce/custody battle saga.