Monday, February 08, 2010

The Dirty Dozen

There are certain moments in life you’ll never forget. For example, I remember exactly where I was when I discovered what was in a hot dog. It was revealed to me in the midst of a Trivial Pursuit game while I was sitting at a marble table in my grandma’s parlor. Up until that time corn dogs were a part of my regular diet. They were sold in my high school cafeteria along side the deep fried burritos. I ate one or the other nearly every day for lunch, washed down with a mint It’s-It or a box of Hot Tamales. After that game, however, I didn’t touch one for years. It took the San Francisco Giants, peer pressure, lots of onions and mustard, and several pints of strong microbrew before I could finally eat another one.

Knowledge has tried to ruin my appetite once again. While on an oyster eating trip in Cancale, I read a plaque that described the oyster farming process, as well as the anatomy of an oyster. That's how I learned that oysters have anuses and I had just eaten 12 of them.

There are some things we just don’t need to know or see. It reminds me of dining experience I once had at a restaurant near le Jardin du Luxembourg called La Ferrandaise, which is named after a type of cow from France’s Auvergne region. I chose the restaurant because it prides itself on its beef - so much so that it has adorned its walls with photos of cows with their big, brown eyes. When the waiter came, Fred ordered a nice rare steak. I had the fish.


michael said...

two words: hebrew national.

OJ said...

i just about pee'd myself reading this

Donnie said...

What a funny post! I never knew that oysters have anuses either, but I guess it makes sense. I haven't been able to eat them since I was a schoolboy and got some bad ones.

mysayonblog said...

Hi, I really like reading your blog. Just happen to drop by again now and already I've missed a few posting you've put up. Thought you have abandoned this blog. I'm so glad you that came back.

Amy said...

Hi Donnie, Thank you! Too bad about your oyster experience. I really do love them. I just put an extra squeeze of lemon on them now and drink more wine :)

Mysay, Thank you very much for your nice compliment! I kind of had abandoned it, but decided to give it another go :) I just checked out your blog. Beautiful photos!

Maggie said...

Oh my goodness I totally agree! I've only just found your blog, and the first entry alone tells me I'm going to like it. A lot.

I completely agree with you- I have no desire to see what my meat used to look like. I'd have ordered the fish too.

Amy75 said...

Hi Maggie, Thank you! I'm glad you found my blog and enjoy it so far :) Last night, I had a seafood platter w/oysters, clams and sea snails (bulots) - the latter were spicy, which kind of freaked me out, but at least they didn't have a face (or at least one that I could detect).

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