Sunday, August 03, 2008

Help Wanted!

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Please could people kindly learn how to use craigslist?

Employers should post job announcements in the "jobs" section. In San Francisco, it costs $75.00 to post so it weeds out a lot of miscategorized information. In Paris, unfortunately, it is free. There is no gate keeper to save us from the stupidity of others.

Job seekers should post announcements in the "services" or "resumes" sections.

I used to blame the French for the numerous miscategorized posts. I figured they weren't used to the site or it was lost in translation. However, I can no longer deny that the majority of mis-posts are committed by Americans, for example, Christopher O. from California.

Christopher is a native English speaker, but was unable to understand the ***POSTING GUIDELINES for JOBS*** written in English on the craigslist site. Here he offers us, in the wrong section, his translation services. He is "fluant" in French. Proofreading not included.

Natalia is peddling her pet-sitting services in the wrong section. If you hired her, you'd probably return home to find that your cat was eating cat litter and was shitting in a vat of Whiskas because she had confused the bags.

And here's one from Ayelen who also is seeking a job in the wrong section. I don't make it a habit of criticizing mistakes made in a foreign language, since I do it all the time. However, Ayelen has managed to make several in just two lines in French and English. She's written in a mélange of the two languages in an apparent attempt to impress us with her fluency. (Christopher, I think I just found you a customer.)

In fairness, I took a look at the SF/Bay Area site to see if it was any better. I sometimes peruse the telecommuting job section to see if there is anything interesting I could do in my spare time.

I'm seriously considering applying for this position as an Olive Garden manager. I thought I was going to have to wait to work there until they opened up in Paris. But, in fact, "telecommuting is ok".

Do you think they have a webcam at every table so I'll be able to survey things from a far?

"Susie, table 12 needs more breadsticks."
"Bobby, the two-top in the corner wants their check."
"Lisa, your uniform smells. I'm writing you up!"
"Tom, the women's restroom is a pigsty; take a mop to it!"

This is my dream job - rolling out of bed, staying in my pajamas all day, and giving people orders.

I'm sure Fred will give me a glowing reference.

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misplaced texan said...

Amen! I saw Christopher's post, too and cringed when I came across the typos. As for Ayelen, I just can't help but feel sorry for her.