Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eau de Vinaigrette

See this shirt? It’s one of the only summery shirts I have. And since it’s only started to feel like summer here in Paris, I’ve had the opportunity to wear it just a few times. Yesterday was the third. I grabbed a salad from the shop across the street and sat down at my desk prepared to work through lunch. I struggled to open the little plastic salad dressing container and before I knew it, my thumb had slipped into the center of the lid, pushing it down and ejecting the dressing all over me -- my keyboard, my computer screen, my chair, my face, my hair, and ALL over my shirt! I'm not exaggerating when I say I looked like Carrie.

The good news is I bought it at Nordstrom during our last trip to the U.S., which means our next trip I can have Fred return it for me (while I hide in the corner and pretend not to know him).

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Marla said...

that is just sooooo sad.