Saturday, October 20, 2007

Socrates, alive and well on rue Daguerre

We entered the Greek store on rue Daguerre to treat ourselves to some baklava. Fred placed our order and the man behind the counter asked if we were espagnol. I said no, he is français and I am américaine. While ringing us up, another owner chimed in and referred to us as the le français and la canadienne. I seriously don’t know why I even bothered, but I said that I was américaine. That’s when he explained to me that because Canadians, South Americans, and “Indians” are American too, I can't just say that I’m américaine. I explained that I was aware of the make up of the continents; regardless, we are called Americans/américains. Canadians and Argentineans, for example, don’t refer to themselves as Americans when asked their nationality. I asked him what I should have said and he said that I should say that I am from the United States. I explained that I would have said that had he asked me where I was from versus what I was. I asked him the French word to describe a person from the United States – an innocent woman who had just walked in overheard my question and offered “américain” – exactly! It’s a French word, if he has a problem with it he can take it up with the French minister of culture. Plus, he’s an idiot because since Canadians, South Americans, "Indians", and "people from the United States" are all Americans, then my answer was correct, I am American! According to him, all people from India are Americans too. I was willing Fred to tell him that his French was crap and that he should shut the *F* up. See how agressive I am? Now if that's not American, then what is?!?


eclat said...

It's so annoying when people do that, isn't it?? It's common, too. On one language website that I frequent, they were calling us "United Staters" or something equally ridiculous. If I wanted to specify that I was from the North American continent, I would say I was "North American"...but that's like someone here saying they're "European" or "Eurasian"...that provides no information as to what COUNTRY they're from.

Also, the name "America" is in the name of our country..."The United States of America". And, thus, we call ourselves "American", for's appropriate and completely logical.

This dude is in dire need of a geography lesson. South Americans are not part of the same continent. South America is ONE continent while North America is ANOTHER continent. And let's not even go there with the whole "Indians" thing...not even kidding when I say you're totally in my head with your reaction. You are TOO funny!

Anonymous said...

you should not waste the energy or rise in blood pressure, just consider the source, he obviously is just a ignorant sub-human. mom

Randal Graves said...

Si vous êtes une vraie américaine, you would've shot him, no? And I suppose this guy would've called a gentleman from Senegal un français.
No matter where you go, there are always strange humans.

Anonymous said...

I once met a French woman who told me her mother was American, too. Oh, I said, from which part of the States? She answered 'Venezuela'.


And the 'etats-uniens' thing is indeed horrible.

Thank goodness I'm leaving France in a few weeks and won't have to put up with it any longer.