Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mac Dough is Right!

We got milkshakes at McDonald’s today. Before you mock me, it's 90 degrees out and a Sunday, which means most places are closed. The man in front of us ordered a total of 6.10€. After counting his change, he turned to us without a hint of shame and asked if we had .10¢. I’d have expressed more discomfort asking a friend for it. I’m still not sure if he didn’t have the money, or if he didn’t want to break a bill, but I did know that he was the only thing standing between me and a milkshake so I gave him the money. What did I learn from my experience? France really is a socialist country and my French husband is more American than me (he was a little disappointed in the petit-ness of his one-size-fits-all milkshake, missing the super size of the U.S. of A.).

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