Thursday, May 31, 2007

This makes no sense!

According to findings reported in the British Journal of Psychology:

The length of children's fingers may hint at their natural abilities in math and language, a new study suggests.
. . .

Specifically, boys whose index fingers were short compared with their ring fingers tended to excel at numbers and girls with index and ring fingers of similar length tended to do better on the verbal portion of the test.

. . .
Full article available on (Emphasis added.)

My ring and index fingers are practically twins. I'm gifted! Why is my fat little hand resting on a "Débutant" level book then? Leave it to me to be the aberration - a freak of nature! I bet the length between the ring finger and pinky correlates to motivation and attention span.

[p.s. Laura, perhaps you were on to something with your "Show And Tell" toes!]


Anonymous said...

Hehe. I love those psychological studies which link two coincidences which actually have nothing at all to do with one another..I remember a very funny one about ice cream and shark attacks.

Tigue said...

your hands and mine are almost twins...and yes you MUST be right about the motivation and attention span. Thats the only thing that could explain it ;P