Tuesday, May 22, 2007

See Amy Learn

I’m not fit to live in society. I’m not sure why I reside in a city as I can’t stand being around other people. I imagine nice people going about their lives feeling less stressed and happier because they aren’t thinking about how much they can’t stand the person sitting in the metro seat next to them. I make myself look at the Eiffel Tower as I take the 6 line to work willing it to give me the power to be nice that day. Alas, today was like any other day, except it was worse because the man next to me was reading along as I studied my flash cards. Yes, I know that I’m in public thus they’re fair game, but only to an extent. It’s uncomfortable to have another adult monitor my low-level learning. I looked at him once and smiled to let him know that I knew I was being observed and that it was awkward. He offered a knowing smile in return, but continued. I had to fight the urge to tap the flash cards into a nice neat pile and hand them over. If an adult Frenchman needs to learn how to conjugate “re” verbs in the present then he needs them more than me. And, yes, I know he was French and not just an eager learner because he smelled of BO and yelled “Allo? Allo? Je n’entends rien!” when he answered his cell phone in a tunnel.


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gosh. You so sound like me, it's scary. I'm the exact same way. :0l

phillippa said...

"You had me at 'Allo.'"

Paula M. Lawhon said...

You had me laughing out loud!