Thursday, March 08, 2007

Desperado . . .

It looks like a burrito through the blurry lens of a camera phone, but it's not. It's a falafelish! Something Federico and I bought from a booth at the Auguste-Blanqui marché in the 13th on Sunday.

The vendor was out of hummus so he substituted a tomato-eggplant mixture in its place. I was impressed by the swaddle job, however. Although not tin foil, the plastic baggie wrapped around it kept the salsa (in this fantasy) aka tzatziki from dripping down my arm.

It was good, but when you grew up in California, the next best thing to Mexico (sorry, Texas!), it's a far cry from La Taqueria on Mission Street.

Sexy or Sexist?

Today is La Journée de la Femme (The Day of the Woman) in France and I received a pink rose from my local supermarket to mark the occasion.

You may be asking yourself, "But wait, it's 'The Day of the Woman', why in the world were you at the grocery store buying food to make for dinner?"

Me too.

Really though, my little Frenchie is nice to me every day and Valentine's Day was just a few weeks ago. And I think the origin of the day was to promote equality and women's suffrage, so in the end, the pink rose may seem a bit hypocritical. Not for me to decide. I'm sure Hallmark was behind all of this anyway. Right?