Sunday, February 11, 2007

How Much for Some New Lungs?

I know a French woman who is very lovely, but has some fanciful ideas about my homeland. To wit, she believes that it's legal to buy and sell body parts in the U.S. “Oh really?" I say (wondering how much her brain would fetch). “Yes” she tells me. “Everything is for sale in the U.S. You must pay for everything!”

The next morning I spent a very long time at the post office processing our change-of-address request. The cost: 40€. (La Poste serves as a bank and a post office, managing to combine the two most horrific lines in the history of customer service. I think it should go for a hat trick and start issuing drivers licenses too.)

In the U.S., I could have done this same transaction online for $1.00 or for free if I wanted to go in person and stand in line (impossible, of course, considering I sold my legs to purchase my plane ticket to France).

FYI: The Anatomy of a Rumor

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