Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Rule for 2007!

Writing checks in a retail line is not allowed for people under 40.

After spending a full day at our old apartment ironing sheets, chair covers, and placemats, I dashed over to Monoprix to grab a pre-made sandwich at the fast food counter. I only had 15 minutes to scarf it down before the rental agent showed up to do the ├ętat des lieux (walk-through). But to my dismay, the 30-something French woman in line before me decided to write a check for the cakes, breads, etc., that she was purchasing (likely for a work birthday party) opposed to using a check card! Yes, her order was more impressive; however, I was starving (and, because I'm emotionally immature, an emergency on my part constitutes an emergency on everyone's part). It took the vendor forever to wrap all the stupid cakes, ring her up, and then for her to write a check. And just when I thought it was all over and allowed myself to start salivating, the vendor called for a manager to "authorize" the check because it was for more than 150 euro. I seriously flashed back to being an 8 year old in line at Gemco while my mom purchased me a 2-XL.