Monday, July 10, 2006

Vive La France!

The night started with a serenade to Les Blues at Hôtel de Ville before we headed off in search of a bar to watch the final World Cup match between France and Italy.

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We settled down at a brasserie on rue des Écoles, just down the street from the Sorbonne. I didn't realize until after we got home and looked at the pictures that establishing the fan zone in front of the "Trattoria Italiana" probably wasn't the best location.

There were highs. Like when Zinédine Zidane ("Zizou") scored the final goal of his career 7 minutes into the game, giving France the lead!

There were lows. Like when Zizou acted like a Zizi and inexplicably head-butted an Italian player, for which he received a red card and was expelled from the game. The final game of his career.

And in the end . . .

They lost. And broke the hearts of French children everywhere. Bastards.

Just kidding. C'est la vie! Our American friend consoled Fred with the saying often used in American sports: "There's always, next year". In this case, it's four years. But Fred got the idea.


Fred said...

In my heart, they won that game because they shown more emotions than the Italians (Zidane may be shown too much :) ). Anyway, it is only sport and we had a lot of beer and fun, a victory would have been the icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Fred, I was rooting for Franceto win., but you show your graciousness in your comment.,Juliana

Cynthia Rae said...

Can you believe that I fell alseep at the end of the game???? I was just tooo tired. I awoke suddenly when the bedroom door flew open and my husband yelled "Everyone is honking. I guess Italy won". Can you believe he didn't even watch the game?

Well, there is always "next" year. And if America couldn't make it to the finals, what better two countries to watch play than Italy and France.

And after everything, at least Zidane won the Golden Ball.

PS. Happy belated 4th of July!

David said...

I made a huge mistake at work today by commenting, "Well, I'm glad the World Cup is over." and drawing an angry response from my English co-worker. Can I help it if I'm from Los Angeles and was raised 11 miles from Dodger Stadium?

For what it's worth -- I DID root for France in the final game, mainly to support Fred. I'm sorry they didn't pull it out, again mainly because I know it must have sucked to be in Paris for that.