Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tails from the Metro

There was a giant dog on the metro the other day. Giant. Like Clifford. He was on his way to work. His "master" was dressed in a black jacket bearing the word "Sécurité" in white block letters. The giant dog seemed ill at ease in the tiny metro car. It was extremely hot and he was having a hard time getting comfortable, as was I. As I was staring at the giant dog feeling his pain, his master turned and looked at me as if to apologize for his restless companion. He apparently had the impression that the giant dog was bothering me by encroaching on my space. Space invaders are something to which I've grown accustomed having taken public transportation for many years. Plus, I'd rather have a dog in my space than most people. I felt badly because I didn't want the man to think that the giant dog was bothering me. I love animals! It's just that each time the giant dog stood up, his giant tail made it's way between my legs, and he nearly came to my waist, so you can imagine where his giant tail came to rest. I was wearing tight work-out pants, so it was fairly obvious and definitely obscene. I couldn't just stand there with a giant tail between my thighs as if I were enjoying it. But, how do you explain that to a stranger in French? Or in English for that matter.


Cynthia Rae said...

Sometimes there just aren't words, English or otherwise. Just simply flash a smile as you pull the tail out from where it shouldn't have been in the first place. hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

First, I thought someone stole your identity - the new pic threw me for a little loop there until I zoomed in and assured myself it's still you. whew.

Second, I think you enjoyed the train wag a little more than you're letting on. :-)
Love, p

David said...

Digging the new photo -- very "Mission Impossible." You look like you are jumping from rooftop to rooftop in some black Ninja outfit!

Mary said...

You never said what you did. I am left to assume that you sat there pretending (or not) to enjoy it. Has Fred been working long hours?

phil said...

what a ride...! where'd you get off?