Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hot Hot Hot . . .

I played hookie the other day and took a long walk around Paris. My internet was down and it was a beautiful day. (My last day isn’t until July 1, thus the excuse. I want to make sure I get my vacation pay just in case my boss stumbles across my blog while searching the internet for Americans who moved from San Francisco to France with their French husbands in November 2005. He does that sometimes.)

I discovered a few outlet shops along rue d'Alésia, Cacharel and Sonia Rykiel . I browsed through Cacharel and found some really nice things, but even at outlet prices it was still expensive (115€ for a sundress). But I do need summer clothes and if I hadn't just quit my job, I probably would have bought some!

When Fred and I arrived in Paris our suitcases were filled with sweaters and scarves. Now it’s incredibly hot (30۫ C/87۫ F) and the best I can come up with is blue jeans and black t-shirts. If Fred was as cruel as me (and grew-up watching Happy Days) he’d be calling me “The Fonz”.

I thought there would be a transition period between winter and summer, something called spring, during which I would have time to cut-back on cheese and pizza and go shopping for summer clothes. Not this year.

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Anonymous said...

How much was the sundress in dollars, $65.00? It sounds really nice, take some pictures on your walk so I can see Paris in the spring/summer. Mom