Monday, March 06, 2006

Paris. On All Fours!

No, not another Paris Hilton video. These subjects are smart, beautiful, and wear more clothing!

After breakfast, Fred and I set out with the best intentions of getting some culture. We planned to visit a museum or an exhibit, do something that would help me appear interesting and to relieve the humiliation when asked how we were spending our weekends in this amazing city full of history and art. Eating Pringles and looking at the pictures in French Cosmopolitan while doing laundry at the laundromat doesn't seem to impress people (Cosmo is the only French magazine that has celebrities I recognize so I tend to gravitate towards it. Not something I'm proud of). Because we were only mildly interested in standing in a long line to look at paintings under glass, we were easily distracted by our new furry friends along the way.

Introducing "Cookie". Cookie is very bon chic bon genre (BCBG) and resides with her owner, a beautiful Parisienne, in the 5th arrondissement near the Panthéon.

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Waggie, est-ce que vous voulez un biscuit?
Waggie, do you want a Cookie?

Meet "Max". Max is all personality. We're not quite certain where Max lives, but be sure, what he lacks in l'argent [money], he makes up in l'esprit [spirit]. Despite his regular snack of sugar cubes, he has a beautiful smile. His sweater is red because Max is looking for love, and there is plenty of room in there for two! TicTac and Riley, first come, first served! Please, no fighting ladies.

Max candid.

Max portrait.

We even found a restaurant where the proprietors appreciate man's bestfriend just as much as some of you! It's called "La Maison". We haven't had an opportunity to try the food yet, but we will and report back soon!

Whoa! Now how did this looker sneak his way on to this canine tribute?!?

(Sorry, he made me do it. You have no idea how jealous he gets!)


Anonymous said...

waggie would love a biscut. He once again looks like the debonair scotty. It coast me $100 to have him groomed, of course she came to my house. She said she'd give him one more try in April after his tranquilizer. He had to be muzzled and I could hear him crying very upsetting, it was like sitting in the dentist office while Mary and you would be inside.The dogs are cute, waggie needs a sweater. Bilbo is so pushy!!

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure our "girly Q Riley" is into male dogs...we don't talk about it at home because she is still too young to know but she seems to ignore the boy dogs and play/chase around the girl dogs...she could be a tomboy...either way we will accept her ;-)