Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Freddie the Pimp

Fred and I have plans on Friday to go out to dinner with one of my classmates. She seems very sweet and likes to drink so I thought it would be fun. She is in her late 40s and is spending the year here while her young daughter attends French school. Her husband is a 70 year old physician in Boston. She approached me after class today and told me she has two favors to ask of Fred. First, she wants Fred to call a Frenchman who currently is in Nice and ask him why he has not returned her calls. She had a good time with this man in Paris a few weeks ago and apparently wants more. Second, she wants Fred to tell her where she can watch men and women copulate on stage. She wants to take her husband there during his next trip to Paris. She thought France was liberal, but she had heard there might be a regulation on such entertainment. I said “Sure. He might not know the answer to your second question, but I’ll ask him tonight and he can ask his coworkers tomorrow and tell you on Friday. Bye.” I scurried away. If she only knew Fred. Hilarious. I don’t think I’ll tell him and see what happens when she brings it up.


Anonymous said...

Let Fred know that we all know "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp" :-)
love, p

Anonymous said...

Nice Lady, wanting to put my son-in-law in a comprising situation. Or is there an unseen side to Fred?, mom

David said...

I am SHOCKED that such behavior is tolerated in Paris. You must be in culture shock, as such activities would never be allowed in San Francisco.

Sorry, gotta run . . . I've got reservations at "The End Up" tonight.

Anonymous said...

Does Fred help plan bachelor parties? I may have a few friends in need of his services.