Friday, January 27, 2006

Oh, baby!

It’s incredibly dry in our apartment. The cold air and the constant running of the heater is wreaking havoc on my skin. I thought I was being smart purchasing baby oil. I figured it would be easy to slop on after my shower. On our way home from shopping, I noticed fine white lines in the crevices of my hands. Eager to test my new product, I asked Fred to get the baby oil from the grocery bag and give me a squirt. To my surprise, it was gel, not oil. Quite fancy, I thought, although a bit perplexed considering gel is usually a drying agent. I rubbed it between my palms and a slight lather appeared. I kept rubbing until the lather subsided, however, the moisturizer left a sticky residue. Oh well, I figured it was a “time-released” formula that would be absorbed as needed. That night, I massaged the gel moisturizer into the heels of my cracked feet and put on little thermal booties for ultimate hydration. The next morning, I stepped from the shower and massaged globs of this wonder product onto my damp skin. But the water seemed to make the gel even more stubborn than before. It refused to absorb! This time I took a good hard look at the bottle, which read: “gel lavant corp et cheveux pour bebe”. Something wasn’t right. I could make out “body” and “hair” and “for babies”. I rushed for my dictionary for confirmation. It ends up that I had been moisturizing myself with a baby cleanser/shampoo combo. Having no time to shower again before French class, I hovered over the sink with a face cloth washing the cleanser from my skin just as one would wash a real baby. I did ask Fred if it was a moisturizer before purchasing it. Apparently something was lost in translation or he wasn't listening. I suspect it was the latter.

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David said...

That sounds like something I would do, even if the bottle were all in English!