Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dear Anonymous . . .

Apparently there is a pervert among us that goes by the name “Anonymous” who is curious about the nature of Bilbo’s fetish. It’s an annoying habit that he picked up at the SPCA (I can only assume, or Fred conditioned him during the 2002 NBA play-offs, I still don’t know), but he loves to be petted while he’s eating. We can’t even stand up without him running in front of us and meowing as he attempts to guide us to his bowl. We can’t break him of it. It’s the equivalent of buying your kid candy in the grocery line just to shut him or her up. It’s a test of wills and he wins every time.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...I'm one of the people who goes by the name "Anonymous" but that's just because I can never remember all the silly passwords and usernames required for every single thing I have to log onto. I'm lucky I remember my bank passwords!! But you know I'm already well aware of the specific nature of the fetish in question, and I also put my name at the bottom of my "Anonymous" messages. Not so anonymous I guess! Anyway, Bilbo definitely has you guys figured out! ;-)