Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Photos: Month One

Here are some photos that we took over the past few weeks. Sorry for the delay! I'll try to be more creative next month.

Entering our house. This was taken a few days after arriving. We've cleaned up a bit since then and put the cord under the carpet.

Looking down at our staircase.

My work station. Looks comfortable, huh?

Bilbo sleeping on the heater. I'm sure he's going to catch fire someday.

Fred and I were out doing some Christmas shopping. We came upon this stand just outside the shopping center. It was packed with sausages, cheeses, foie gras, etc. Everything looked delicious. The French Hickory Farms! Oh, how I miss those Beef Stick Pops! Next year I'm thinking of sticking tongue depressors into slices of saucisson and opening up a stand next door.

This is our second night here. I'm standing in front of the Hotel de Ville (City Hall) of Paris at an ice skating rink. I bought this jacket our first day out. It's pretty cold here. They follow Celsius, not Fahrenheit. Great. Another thing to learn.

We took these photos around the corner from the ice rink. This building is the Hotel de Ville of the Fourth Arrondissement. Each district has it's own mini City Hall. The Hotel de Ville of Paris happens to be located in the Fourth Arrondissement (where we live).

I took this picture a few days ago. It's the view from our kitchen. The best view in the house. Only one person can enjoy it at a time because the kitchen is so small! The blue and red structure behind the apartment building is the George Pompidou Museum (also referred to as the Beaubourg). It's focus is on modern art. Currently, the museum is showcasing Martin Scorsese's work.

What a difference a day makes! Today, it started to snow and it was beautiful. This is the view from our dining room. Don't look too closely, you may see our neighbor changing. I'm just kidding so you can stop straining your eyes. But, the living quarters are close here!

More later . . .


Anonymous said...

How beautiful, your apartment is exactly as I pictured a struggling american writer's digs. Paris is beautiful, what an adventure, Love Mom

Anonymous said...

I agree with your mom - what an adventure!! And snow too!!!! I love it. It reminds me of SF! :-)
love, paula

Anonymous said...

I'm really disappointed that my shipment of foie gras for Xmas has yet to arrive. This is the first time I have been able to visit your site for awhile, and I see you are powering!!! How do they say "My cat is on fire!!" in french??? Love, Super-D

David said...

Great photos. Christmas in Paris, with snow! That's cool. It's like an old black and white movie . . .

Happy Holidays!

Delf & Hub said...

Just a few worlds for Bilbo... I think you've chosen the best place of the appartement.. Don't dream too much about the San Francisco's blue sky... It's finish, you're in Paris now ! But... You don't hear me ?? What ? You're sleeping... Again ?
Kisses to your family Amy and Fred and even if it's earlier : Happy new year with all hapiness for you and your family (et la santé, c'est important la santé !)
Delph and Hub

PS : try to taste the foie gras of your "parents", Paris and France have some good points and it's good to eat it (it's better than mouse terrine !)
Friendly 's miaou to you "Bilbo-the-baby".

Lili said...

Amy, i'm french but taking news on your blog makes me travelling in foreign places as if i weren't from france...
Remember that you have many places to see and many towns to visit !
See you soon Friendly yours ^^ Lili
Gros bisous au Petit Bilbo d'amour !

Meriem said...

How different our holidays were. You were discovering Paris in the snow with glittering lights, the traditions Fred grew up with, the joys and terrors of dealing with the French. Meanwhile, I dragged my Frenchie husband to the suburbs of Dallas. You know, where every thing is "just a few miles away, exit off the interstate at the WalMart.” I am still smarting over that one. We managed to get lost on our way to the movie theatre. It’s as if the locals did not realize that there is actually a WalMart in almost each commercial subdivision. Check it out, I am serious . . . (http://www.priceviewer.com/walmart_locations/TX.html#walmart_locations_D). So while you were preparing fish in your kitchen looking out to a Rothko like view of Beaubourg, Dimitri and I got all excited about spotting an Armadillo. While you were circling the Hotel de Ville or checking out cheese and saucissons, Dimi and I were checking out Walmart . . . This was actually his first time in the hallowed aisles of the ever ubiquitous store. The experience was a complete one from the troll like old lady at the door that says hello “y’all come back now” with a vapid look in her eyes, to the creepy smiley face that is staring at you from every angle . . ..

Mind you, there are some great things going for the Lone Star State: (1) my Mom’s cooking, (2) the weather, it was a fair 25 C. (I thought I would quote it in Celsius now that you have taken the time to learn that system.) Also, we did manage a ‘romantic get away’ to Granbury Texas. http://www.granbury.org/. This was a coup! In so far as it is the best way I have found to explain to any foreigner what "Mayberry" and "Opi" mean to Americans. We also ended our stay in with my parents with a small trail ride, riding off into the sunset . . . Just like Lucky Luke. We are back now in SF and missing the three of you more and more.


Meriem & Dimitri
P.S. I am damn proud of you, and saucisson on a stick is a brilliant idea.