Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Somebody Stop Me!

I made a delightful, yet dangerous, discovery this week. The Martini. Yes, I know many of you, my mom and Fred included, live and die by them. However, I had never found the right mix for my palate. Too little Vermouth and you might as well be doing a shot of vodka. Too much Vermouth and it tastes too much like sake. Too much olive juice and it's like drinking a condiment. The bartender at the appropriately named "Mecca" in San Francisco has perfected the Martini, in my amateur opinion. The perfect mix of premium vodka, Vermouth, and olive juice served up in a chilled martini glass. The glass was even perfect. The restaurant's name was etched into the side of it and there was a small crystal affixed just above the second "c" -- at first I thought it was a chunk of dirt and tried to chip it off with my nail. Don't make the same mistake. Oh, and the olives aren't pitted. Another pitfall that resulted in an embarrassing drooling incident. Mecca is located one block from our old apartment on Market Street near the Castro. It's a good thing I never knew about their Martini while living in the city. While it's worth making the trek to this holy land from Walnut Creek, Paris would be a stretch. Visit Mecca at:


Mom said...

At last you've seen the light of the very cosmopolitan drink!!

Anonymous said...

I don't care how much vermouth or olive juice or olives are put into a martini - it's still just a big glass of vodka with condiments! But that doesn't stop me from enjoying them!! I guess it just looks and sounds more sophisticated than asking for a shot of vodka. As your mom said - very cosmopolitan! Oh, wait, I like those too! :-0