Monday, November 07, 2005

I wish I was blind (and deaf)!

Jamie Foxx is killing me. And it's not because he's friends with Tom Cruise. The other day, I was watching the video "Gold Digger" by Kanye West, featuring Jamie Foxx on MTV (I know, I'm too old). I suffered a post-traumatic stress flashback. Instantly, I was transported back to August 28, 2005, the evening of the Video Music Awards (I know. I'm too old for that too!). I recalled the live performance of the song. Jamie Foxx had learned two lines, which he screamed over and over and over again, jumping up and down on stage with his shirt completely unbuttoned. Jamie, you're not a good singer, which is why you didn't actually sing in Ray. You are an Oscar winning actor. Now you're a back-up singer for Kanye West? Ray's Pepsi girls were better than you. Really, what's wrong with you? You are teetering on the edge. I understand that you probably filmed Stealth before you were a celebrated Oscar winner - so I'll give you a pass. However, by the time August 2005 was upon us, you knew what you were doing. Even Eddie Murphy knew enough to make Rick James his back-up singer. Let me remind you of Jamie's Oscar speech where he said: "Because Oprah got -- allowed me to meet somebody by the name of Sidney Poitier. And, yes, Sidney Poitier said, 'I saw you once. And I looked in your eyes and there was a connection.' And he says, 'I give to you responsibility.' So, I'm taking that responsibility tonight. And, thank you, Sidney." This is what he does with the responsibility bestowed upon him by Sidney Poitier?

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