Saturday, October 29, 2005

Winner of "The Name Bilbo for a Day Contest"

The results are out early! The suspense was killing us! Plus, we won't be here on Monday.

Dear Readers:

Bilbo was thrilled by your response to his contest. And I was surprised that his blog entry received the most comments since C'est La Me's inception. Well, dear readers, I hear you and it is our goal to give you what you want! I'm happy to announce that there will be plenty of more Bilbo to read and talk about! Having received many submissions, I found it difficult to choose just one. So, despite my prior comments about "the best of" contests, I have decided to use the same format in this contest (which means that Bilbo will be called each name for a one-hour period throughout the remainder of the day). Now, for the contest results:

For the Most Original and True to the Halloween Spirit Category: Bilb O'Lantern. The runner-up in this category: Bil-Bat. The bronze level: Grebbleshis (although, I'm not convinced of the spelling. I think it means: hee bee gee bees in Dutch?). In fourth place: Satanic Miaou, and in fifth place: Pumpkinmiester.

For the Sweetest Name from My Niece Meagan Category: First place goes to Flores (because your Mom loved the Flores family so much growing up!). Second place: Bubba; and third place in this category: Phyllis (even though it's a girl's name and Bilbo is a boy!)

For the Most Bizarre Name from My Niece Erin Category: Shaniqua (again, this seems like a girl's name, Bilbo is a boy.)

For the Most Disturbing Names from My Nephew TJ Category: Crispy (and, I can tell you, he doesn't taste good fried, Uncle Fred experimented with Tempura batter and Bilbo's tail. You know the French, they'll eat anything! I have to get all my French jokes out before I go there! For my French audience, please don't be offended, my jokes are only directed towards Fred, not all French people).

For the Not Halloween Appropriate Category: Tournee du Chat Noir

For My Personal Favorite Category: La Petite Croute (the little scab!)

For Bilbo's Personal Favorite Category: My Owner Needs to Get a Life (although, it did hurt Fred's feelings, he is a bit crazy about Bilbo, I know!)


Mary said...

In all your years of schooling did you ever learn the term... PROJECTION?! In my entry, I was refering to you as the crazy cat lady!! We all know Fred is crazy, i.e. his choice of spouse, but I feel his participation in the Bilbo contest was merely to placate his wife.

Cousin John said...

I'm bummed I missed the deadline. I had my two cats working on the name all week and the lazy bums never got back to me with a name that made any sense. Suggestions that came back were "Meow", "Purr", and "Friskies".

Anonymous said...

okay, that was a good name for Bilbo, as for the unapproprite Halloween name, Waggie and I were trying to be a little French.