Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tara Reid Ruined My Honeymoon

Fred and I honeymooned in Biarritz. We had such fond memories of the several days we spent there -- eating at tasty restaurants, experiencing the relaxing benefits of thalassotherapie, window shopping in fine boutiques and local shops, lounging and sleeping in. Now, our sleep will be marred by nightmares of Tara Reid. We had the misfortune of watching "Taradise" on E! TV. I knew that I should have leaped for the remote control as soon as I heard her show was up next, however, I was hoping to catch a glimpse of some of my favorite sites and perhaps pick up some tourist tips for our next trip to the Pay Basque. My mistake. Instead of visiting local eateries to sample authentic poulet basquaise or tasting the region's wine offerings, Tara sat on the beach drinking Foster's (uh, it's Australian for beer, Tara) and sexually mauling every Rugby player, police officer, and mammal in sight. She is a very scary lady (I mean female). I had always thought we'd return to Biarritz someday to relive our honeymoon. Who knew it would be to perform an exorcism of Tara Reid from our thoughts? Visit Biarritz at

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