Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Rock doomed me…

[Foreword: Dear Readers (aka, mom), you are in for a special treat today. I am thrilled to announce that after days of prodding, Fred agreed to prepare the following piece for C'est La Me.]

Today, I decided to go watch a highly intellectual movie: Doom featuring The Rock. For those who don’t know him, he is an ex-wrestler who was featured in great movies like The Scorpion King, The Mummy Returns, The Rundown, and Walking tall -- a list of potential Oscar-winning roles that likely made Russell Crowe throw a telephone at his publicist for not securing him the lead in these movies.

After arguing with Amy for 2.5 seconds to see if she wanted to join me, I took the car and drove to the theater alone. After getting my ticket, I decided to get a soda and candy. I got a medium Diet Coke (I'm watching my carbs) for $3.65 and realized that it was still probably half a gallon of soda (viva America)!

The movie was released only 3 days prior so I arrived 20 minutes early as I thought that I might have trouble finding a seat. I guess that not everybody was thrilled by this potential blockbuster since only two other people were in the theater. Since I am social person, I decided to sit the farthest I could from them to have some space and peace and quiet.

The good thing about the movie theaters in the U.S. is that you have a lot of leg room; I can tell you that the theaters were not designed by Airline engineers. Twenty minutes later, more people showed up. It is amazing how sometimes you can feel like a cow attracting flies. Although the room can fit 200 people, the crowd of 20 flocked to me. Maybe it's a survival thing. They were just trying to get warm, the air conditioner was in full-force.

The movie finally started. Let me try to explain the complicated plot to you: a bunch of scientists on Mars decided to do some genetic research on humans and things went a little out of control so they sent the Marines to fix the problem. I love when they make the scientists the bad guys, maybe if they were paying us more we wouldn’t join the dark side…oops, sorry I was getting a little personal here.

Don’t you hate people that talk during movies and don't you feel that they always tend to sit near you? Behind me were three teenagers who were talking about what they thought might happen next. After 30 minutes, one of them said: “I think that somebody is going to die.” And of course, somebody died 5 minutes later making the teenager very proud of himself. I was thinking: “duh, you are watching an action movie, what did you expect it’s not like you predicted that Bruce Willis was dead in The Six Sense?" Anyway, I watched the whole movie, and I won’t tell you the end except that the hero wins and the bad guy loses. It is not a great movie but I am an easy viewer and an easy viewer is like a cheap drunk you don’t need a lot to enjoy what you are consuming.


Anonymous said...

I love the highly intellectual movies that the scientist is attracted to! I really think it's just a Y chromosome thing, and on that basis, I will not lose all hope for you Fred. :-)

Delf & Hub said...

Fred !
Are you killing me ? What are you doing about the french culture exception ?
All the biggest french movie makers are watching you !
In order to win forgiveness, you had to watch "La soupe aux choux", "Le gendarme au clair de lune" and "Vercingetorix" ! See you soon little scarabaeid !