Thursday, October 27, 2005

Did I Marry a Scientist or Scatologist?

Fred came home yesterday complaining that the lock on the handicap bathroom at the lab didn't work. It was hard to keep a straight-face given the irony, but I know how important this issue is to him so I listened intently. In France, the stall doors are floor-to-floor and wall-to-wall, just like Nordstrom's. And although Fred has assimilated very well to our primitive way of life in the U.S., the bathroom door has been a concept he cannot accept. I suspect it may be the reason we are moving back to France. Fred detests using the "regular" bathroom at his lab because he says that his coworkers peer through the one-inch gap to see if someone is in there. For a country where people frolic on the beach naked and accuse us of being puritanical, I find his modesty a bit curious. I think he's paranoid, which I guess constitutes a disability, so in the end, he is entitled to use the handicap bathroom. Not so ironic after all.


Anonymous said...

glad to see fred is the hot topic of conversation now

Gil said...

i find it curious as to why his co-workers peer through the one inch gap? In most workplaces..if the door is closed and you give it a slight push and it still is closed...chances are there is someone in the need to peer... also seeing shoes through the 12 inch or more gap from floor to door is also a dead give away. i think freds co-workers are peeping toms! But it's good that you are supportive of Freds phobias.. I hope it is not a problem but in hawaii there are no doors on any of the bathrooms :-)