Monday, October 24, 2005

The Crust of a Tree

Here it is just 5 weeks before we depart to France and I can barely pronounce my new last name, let alone introduce myself or ask where the toilet is in French. As always, Fred has come to my rescue. After months of promising ourselves that we would only speak French at home, Fred has jumped into action and taken it upon himself to identify and teach me important French words and phrases to ease the sting of my transition. For example, today he taught me how to say "écorce", which means "tree bark" (or his English translation, "the crust of a tree"). He also taught me "Elle pète plus haut que son cul". Translation: "She farts higher than her ass". Translation: "She's full of herself". I have no idea what to expect when I arrive in France if these are the key words that Fred feels I must know before we leave, but I'm picturing a bunch of stuck-up French women passing gas in trees.

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Gil said...

Ame(Amy) & Peleke(Fred);
Before you go off learning French, you will need to master the language of the islands since you head there first before you leave for Paris. Note your Hawaiian names above. Since Fred was able to teach you ""Elle pète plus haut que son cul" I thought a handy phrase for you all to know and say in Oahu is;

"Ua pili anei keia 'ohune i ke komo hawele li a me ka holo wawae ma kahakai?" Translation: "Can wearing a thong and running on the beach cause a rash like this?"

A Hui Hou!