Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Back from Never Never Land!

Peter Pan is making a come back, and I'm not talking about a movie! Yesterday, at the Levi store in San Francisco, I noticed a dark brown suede boot on the counter. It looked familiar to me (because I used to have a pair -- in junior high!) I recall dancing the night away in them to Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round" at Knott's Berry Farm's Cloud 9. I've attached a similar pair, in black, on eBay, of course! These boots have caused a real dilemma for me. I'm in the midst of unloading what I considered out-of-style crap in anticipation of our move. I already dumped (I mean generously donated) a ton of stuff at the Goodwill when we relocated to the Creek. If I had only saved my velour knickers (real knickers, not GAP pedal pushers, or British panties - real ones, the kind that fastened at the knee and poofed out a bit, Oliver Twist-style), I would have shown those Parisians that I had real style and flare! Those damn boots are making me rethink every ugly garmet that I hold up as I contemplate the "donate" or "pack" pile!


Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! Hawaii will be so much fun!

David said...

Will Fred let me take you out on a "80's date night" for old time's sake? I have a "Member's Only" jacket somewhere in my closet that I could wear to match your boots!